Before the Digital Revolution, We had Other Voices...​

Ads in Newspapers, Splashes in Magazines, Mailers, Billboards, Radio Spots, Television Commercials, and Beyond. It’s the way brands were built and brand awareness was achieved.

But in the digital and mobile age, the emphasis has changed. You now need a coordinated outreach across an array of channels, a mix of some old and some new.

With these thoughts in mind, one day a coder, a creative, and a marketing strategist walk into a bar. As they’re ordering drinks, the waitress asks if this will be on separate tabs or on one. They look at each other, and in unison say “One” – and at that very moment, Ropeswing was born. Engaging all of your marketing dials in a bundled package for one price is what makes us unique.

At Ropeswing, we deliver killer content on a built out platform. And get this – we do it all for you. Think of us as the old-time newspaper boy, standing on a street corner each day, yelling “Extra, Extra!” to the passersby.

We know how to speak over the din of noise of competing messages.

Yet we aren’t besieging innocent bystanders with a hail of meaningless spam. Rather, we are exact about identifying the target audience and utilizing the best creative to craft the messaging that will speak to them.

At Ropeswing, we have the stage and presence needed in order to capture the attention of savvy consumers.

With Ropeswing, Nothing Goes To Waste.​​

It’s true – nearly 85% of companies do not use Marketing Automation to its full potential. On top of this, nearly 100% of today’s marketing budgets are spent driving traffic to a website. Most people don’t know only 2% of website visitors actually take action, and 50% will leave that website you adore so very much in under 7.5 seconds or less. So say goodbye to almost all of your marketing bucks, because 98% of it took a visit to the abyss. 

Don’t be haunted by the ghost of your marketing dollar’s past – swing across the abyss and start measuring your success base on your ROI.


Located just west of the Twin Cities.