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Revenue as a Service – Reinventing Marketing

It’s our belief that great products built by great people should never again fail due to lack of marketing and sales.

Back in the first tech boom, Robert Casserly was helping clients spin up new high-tech companies from Silicon Valley to Silicon Prairie. While collaborating with a large creative agency, he noticed a pattern among their clients: Smart, capable engineers with innovative technical solutions were getting bogged down in the marketing, branding, and sales enablement of their business. In doing so, these intelligent, passionate business owners lost momentum as they got distracted on everything that was not their core business. They also lost the joy and enthusiasm for their vision of delivering disruptive, paradigm-toppling solutions.

So while the trend grew for outsourcing IT to the SaaS model, Bob was thinking about how to apply the “… as a Service” model to advertising and sales. Although the technology was in its infancy and the market need not fully evolved, the seeds of Revenue as a Service began to take hold.

Today, with over 4,000 sales and marketing apps available, the market is a victim of its own success. Businesses are overwhelmed with the choices, criteria and challenges of implementing and maintaining effective marketing and revenue generating solutions. With advances in online technologies and experience born of additional decades in birthing new companies and products, Robert and his cadre of marketing engineers, sales gurus, and creative thinkers launched Ropeswing.

Armed with the LivingWebsite platform, companies of all sizes can now focus on what they do best and regain the momentum of their vision, as Ropeswing seamlessly integrates their marketing and sales functions.


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