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Win new customers and retain current ones as our team of creatives, writers, and marketing engineers work behind the scenes executing your strategy.

Our Methodology

At Ropeswing we follow an on-boarding process that assures our customers success. This includes defining your buyer personas, creating content they will love, and then reaching out through our automated platform.


“If you dump garbage in
garbage will come out.”



“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t 



“A coordinated plan, fully executed,
day by day, month by month.”




• Customer Profile
• Tactics
• Smart SEO


• Campaign Theme
• Social Hooks
• Original Content


• Blog Posts
• Social Posts
• Email Campaigns


• Visitor I.D
• Web Forms
• Chat Bot


• Activity Tracking
• A/B Testing
• Leads

Giving your Brand a Voice.
Directed by your dedicated
Marketing Team

The Platform

A highly-optimized sales micro-site designed to convert visitors to leads.


• Website Visitor-ID: Because only 2% of visitors ever call or submit a web form, we attempt to identify the other 98%.

• Call Tracking: By assigning unique phone numbers to different ad sources we trace phone calls back to the person who initiated the call.

• Instant Notification: Visitor info sent to your inbox while the prospect is still on your website.

• Optimized for Speed: Marketing engineers have the flexibility to share & post content via blogs, CTA’s, forms, & other sales tools on a moments notice.

Launch effective email drip campaigns that build interest in your brand, and delivers new customers for your products and services.

Key Features:

• Targeted Email Campaigns
• Website Integration
• Visitor Profiling
• Lead Nurturing
• Lead Scoring

Automatically distribute content created across multiple social channels.

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram

Uniquely, we incorporate a social-selling component allowing employees & brand enthusiasts to opt-in, automatically spreading the great news about your brand.

One of the most effective ways to build brand awareness, while providing content to your target audience.

• Rapid SEO growth
• Strengthen relationships with existing and new customers
• Establish your business as a leader
• Connect people with your brand
• Create opportunities for sharing

Nearly 80% of companies that use blogging as a part of their marketing strategy reported acquiring customers through blogging.

In today’s world of multiplying channels, the power of truthful storytelling has never been more important. It still captures the imagination and creates more social discourse than any other content.

Every Brand Has A Winning Story.

We Excel At Finding Them & Bringing Them To Life.

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